My Home, My Story: Mah Beng Chu

Mangalesri ChandrasekaranOctober 18, 2016


This story was submitted by Mah Beng Chu


My first house is a single-storey terrace at Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. I moved here in the year 1994 and there was a total of 15 houses on my row. Back in those days, the house number will only be allocated upon the issuance of Occupation Certificate.

I was extremely excited and visited the construction site every weekend. I even planted a tree in the front compound during that time.

My wait was over and the day to collect my key arrived. I was furious as the staff refused to hand over the key to my unit. After a long argument saying the particular unit is mine, she finally handed over the keys and allowed me to move in.

A year passed and one day a family knocked on my door. They look stunned and enquired why am I occupying their house.

Shocked and speechless at the same time, we headed to the site office with my Sales and Purchase Agreement (S&P). I was so determined to prove them wrong!

But little did I know that I had moved into the wrong house!!!

Only then I learned that the sixth house from the right is No.10 and the sixth house from the left is No.6. The site personnel offered me help to shift house and suggested that I should buy lottery as such things seldom happened. “It must be a lucky house,” he said.

I sold the house six years later and made five times profit. This triggered my interest in property investment and with the profit I made, I invested in three other properties from 2010 to 2013. Like the site personnel said, the house was indeed lucky!

So, I have learned my lesson, even though it’s a hilarious one! From then onwards, when I purchase properties, I ensure that I get the correct house number and unit!


This story was submitted for the MY HOME, MY STORY campaign. The grand prize winner will stand a chance to win RM10,000!


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