The Top 5 Traits Every Property Agent Should Have

Diane Foo Eu Lynn13 Feb 2017


The property market is an ongoing boom business whether the economy is flat or on an uptrend, and good property agents are always in demand. With the market being as flooded as it is with property agents, how do you differentiate yourself? Below are the top 5 traits that every property agent should have.


Treat your Clients as Human Beings


Your clients are real people with real needs and real feelings, so don’t treat them as just a money making mechanism. This is the biggest mistake many property agents make, which creates a negative vibe between the agent and the client.

Get to know your client, understand what turns them on and what ticks them off, and you will have a better chance of getting that sale.


Sell them their Dreams


According to Zig Ziglar, “Customers buy for their reasons, not yours”. Even more so with this, a property agent needs to get to know their client first before even attempting to sell them anything.

Without getting to know your client first, a very possible scenario would be even though you are giving them a great deal in form of a below market value terrace house that is within their budget, they might reject it just because they are actually looking for a condominium for the facilities and security it offers. But without first understanding their needs, you will not even know why your client rejected your great deal in the first place.


Time Management


One of the best traits any agent from any sales line should have is great time management, as clients are always prone to being late for appointments, asking to push up the meeting time at the eleventh hour, or simply forgetting to turn up for their appointments.

As a sales agent, you will need to handle this aspect of time management well. Do not arrange your appointments too close together, otherwise you will run yourself rugged trying to keep up with all the appointments – especially if all your clients are late that day.


Rejection Handling


As a salesperson from any line, the first thing your senior will always teach you is “objection handling”. In objection handling, you attempt to reason with your client on why what you recommended is a great buy. But not many seniors teach their juniors “rejection handling”.

Getting rejected again and again on a daily basis is very demotivating, hence understanding your own feelings and knowing how to get over it is extremely important if you wish to stay in the sales line.

Celebrate your successes, and celebrate your failures even more, as every failure brings you closer to that big sale.


Be Proactive


Many times, your client will be a first time home buyer or perhaps even property investor who does now know what property buying entails. As a good agent, you should be proactive in finding out what your client does not know, and helping them out. This will endear you to them, and the next time they or their friends need an agent to help them out in looking for a property, they will look for you.

Another aspect of proactivity in a property agent is learning about the area which they are selling properties at. At the very least know where is the closest mini market, shopping mall, primary and secondary schools and how far are the various suburbs.

When you are able to inform your client of all these details, they will see you as a well informed property agent, which will in turn build their confidence in you.


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