Section 7, Shah Alam Residents Demand Change In LRT 3 Line Course To Save Green Lung

26 Jul 2018

The builder of the Light Rapid Transit 3 (LRT3) is currently improving the project’s design so that residents of Jalan Plumbum 101 and 103 at Section 7, Shah Alam won’t lose the playground in their gated-and-guarded community, reported The Star.

According to Residents Association committee member Abdul Rahim Dawood, they were initially told that the playground, which is the only green lung in the area, is part of the housing project. However, engineers now claim it is part of the right of way for LRT3.

“The residents living along Jalan Plumbum 7/101e paid an extra RM10,000 to have a playground view but after this, they will open their doors to the LRT that passes by every seven minutes,” he said.

Rahim explained that the residents don’t want to lose the playground as children frequently use it. There are also potential health hazards for those living near the LRT line as it is situated less than 20 metres from the houses in Jalan Plumbum.

They have already talked with Prasarana Malaysia and proposed alternate routes, including a new realignment that does not encroach into their gated-and-guarded community.

Moreover, he thinks that it would be better if the LRT3 will run through Persiaran Bestari instead of Persiaran Permai in Section 7, Shah Alam.

By passing through Persiaran Bestari, the rail line would not only cater to a larger number of people, it will also be easier to build as the main road is straight without much curvature.

“It seems more logical for the line to pass through the main road, Persiaran Bestari, which is wider and has more space for the columns.”

“Moreover, there are unused green spaces on the other side that can be used for stations. It will also be closer to the Shah Alam Hospital as well as Universiti Selangor, places the public need direct access to.”

On the other hand, Persiaran Permai, where the construction is ongoing, lacks parking space for vehicles and this could lead to congestion.

Residents hope that Prasarana would consider their suggestion as the construction of LRT3 has already caused problems in their area.

For instance, drilling works at the construction site have destroyed a pipe in the sewerage system, and no action has been done since the incident happened three weeks ago. The main drainage has also been clogged and footpaths for pedestrians have been obstructed.

“Proper safety measures and alternative footpaths should have been set up for residents. There are a number of people walking to the bus stops and main commercial centres down the road,” noted Rahim.

When contacted, Water Konsortium (IWK) confirmed that its underground sewer pipes in Jalan Plumbum 7/101 have been damaged by drilling works for LRT3.
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“This occurred while relocating the electrical cables. Both the LRT and IWK teams met earlier today (24 July) and LRT has promised to repair the damaged sewer pipes soonest,” said IWK’s Corporate Communications Senior Manager Shahrul Nizam Sulaiman, adding that remedial works are already being carried out.

Meanwhile, LRT3’s project delivery partner (PDP) MRCB George Kent Sdn Bhd (MRCBGK) and contractor Rahimkon said the rail project’s alignment has already been determined after an extensive feasibility study by the Land Public Transportation Commission (SPAD) to maximise LRT3’s social and economic benefits.

“The study has shown that Persiaran Permai is one of the higher catchment location with ridership from both residential and commercial areas compared to Persiaran Bestari,” said LRT3 project director Patrick Hwang Chee Leong.

Furthermore, the three-month public showcase for LRT3 held from May to August 2015 garnered over 90 percent support from nearly 7,300 people.

Nevertheless, they are presently re-looking the design for the portion in Jalan Plumbum so that the rail line can pass through there without a need to tear down the playground. The better design is now in its final stages and will be shown to the residents once approved by Prasarana.

Image sourced from The Star Online

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