Third Link Between Johor, Singapore Need Not Be A Bridge

1 Apr 2019

The Johor-Singapore Causeway serves as a road and rail link between the two countries

A former civil servant believes the third link between Singapore and Malaysia need not be a road bridge but could be in the form of a rail link or a tunnel.

“It could be an undersea tunnel or railway link, which seems feasible as we already have the system. See what is feasible, effective and that could bring maximum benefit,” said former Transport Ministry Secretary-General Ramon Navaratnam in an interview with the New Straits Times.

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Responding to a question on whether it appears that only Malaysia was interested in a third bridge, he said: “Well, it appears so. But if you ask them (Singapore), they may say yes.”

“If they do not agree to it, then you cannot proceed with the idea. Maybe there are reasons why they refused. Nonetheless, we should explore the possibilities.”

Negotiations, however, could take a long time as the mass rail transit link project agreed by Malaysia and Singapore has already been scrapped by the new federal government.

The proposed Transit Rapid Singapore-Johor Baru rail link is expected to service up to 60,000 passengers during peak hours upon its completion in 2024.

In a Facebook post, former prime minister Najib Razak noted that state-owned companies would have jointly owned such rail link. With it, traveling time from Singapore to Johor would have taken only 30 minutes – making it easier for tourists and Singaporeans to visit Johor and Malaysia, reported Free Malaysia Today.


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