Outside building a platform that allows property seekers to find their dream homes, we also want to allow property seekers and owners find their ideal agent.


There are countless reasons as to why different people contact different agents – but PropertyGuru wants to make choosing the best agent as simple as possible. Which is why we recently rolled out the following improvements on our Find Agent section:

  1. Cleaner, Smoother & Mobile Responsive

We cut away the clutter and went for something clean and simple – so there’s minimal distractions for the property seeker/seller.

And with more PropertyGuru-users on-the-go, we made sure that the section is now entirely mobile responsive.


2. Effective Search Made Simple

Property seekers/sellers are finding their agents based on different criterias now. They want to know where or what the agent specialises in. Which is why we’ve enhanced the search function to something simpler and easier.


Now agents aren’t limited to property seekers/sellers that already know your name. You are now open to a world of new customers because they’re able to find you through regions and specialties you serve in!

3. Agent Profiles got a Facelift!

Other than sporting a gorgeous new look, your Agent Profile has a few upgrades!

BLOG 1 (PIC 3)

You’ll find that property seekers/owners can contact you much more easily and your listings are a lot more visible. Find out more about how Your Agent Profile got a Facelift!

4. Featured Agents are even more outstanding now!

It’s never been a better time to be a Featured Agent on our agent directory. Just like how you put your listings in the Spotlight – you can make yourself stand out more too!

Featured Agents are now easily viewed and are no longer just side-banner. With side-to-side screen space dedicated just for you, your Featured Agent profile will definitely capture more eyeballs!

BLOG 1 (PIC 4)

Worried that property seekers/sellers don’t scroll down far enough to see your profile?

Featured Agents don’t have this worry at all – because your profile appears on every single search result page on the agent directory.

BLOG 1 (PIC 5)

find out more

5. Contact Forms Pop-up on the Same Page

Previously when property seekers/owners wanted to drop a contact form to you, they would be first directed to your Agent Profile.

However sometimes your potential customers might drop-off while scrolling or searching for the contact form. This would mean you could’ve lost a potential sale!

But now you’ll notice that the enquiry forms pop-up within the same page.

BLOG 1 (PIC 6)

This means less chances of property seekers/owners dropping off for you! Plus the entire form itself has also been optimised to look more appealing to your customers.

We really hope you love the new Find Agent section and want you to enjoy the best benefits from it!

Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

Till next time!

PropertyGuru Team