No moratorium on public housing rent, but help will be given to those in need

Pavither November 12, 2020

Penang state exco Jagdeep Singh Deo said no moratorium on rental payment for those renting public housing will be given across the board, but those facing difficulty paying can apply individually, reported Malay Mail.

He explained that those who really can’t afford the rent can approach the Local Government, Housing and Town and Country Planning Committee and apply for help.

“We will consider on a case by case basis and assist those who really need it,” said the Local Government, Housing and Town and Country Planning Committee chairman as quoted by Malay Mail.

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The special committee, which was formed in 2015 and comes under the state government, oversees the non-payment of rentals at all public housing schemes within the state.

It evaluates each case and determines how to help those finding it hard to pay their rent.

“There are various packages that can be offered to those who really can’t afford to pay, such as installment schemes,” he said.

However, there are instances where tenants abuse the system by refusing to pay the RM120 monthly rent.

“Some of them have big cars, some have TVs that are bigger than mine or the chief minister’s and yet, they don’t pay the RM120 monthly rental,” he noted.

He shared that the state holds a long list of those waiting to rent public housing units. As such, it has to strike a balance to ensure that the units are allotted to those who are really deserving.

“When there are arrears by tenants, action will be taken but the special committee will evaluate and assist those who genuinely face difficulties in paying their rent,” he said.


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