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Previously we sprung you forward to more efficiency – where you got to discover how to be efficient with your listings with the new and enhanced Auto-Repost. To enable you even further and leverage on demand trends, we want to spring you forward to new opportunities with greater market insights, our latest AgentNet addition: FastKey Projects, and highlights of our Spring Forward offers.  

Where are your Property Seekers now? 

Good news is, they are now back in the market! With 76% of Malaysians using property portals to get information on property buying/renting, a good way to understand your property seekers is seeing how they behave on property portals

Here’s a look at your property seekers’ traffic on PropertyGuru during the COVID-19 period:  

Capture 2

Over the first week of Movement Control Order (MCO), there was a relatively sharp decline in traffic and we highly attribute this to property seekers trying to get used to this ‘new normal’.  

However you’ll notice an increase in property search even though MCO was extended twice on 10 April and 23 April 2020. Then at the start of Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) on 4 May 2020, traffic started to decline due to many uncertainties in terms of job security and Malaysians defer home purchases to focus on saving up for day-to-day expenses.  

Since the gradual easing of CMCO and starting of Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), volume of visits to PropertyGuru portal has shown an upwards trend. Based on PropertyGuru Consumer Sentiment Survey H2 2020, we expect to see continual positive growth as first-time home seekers and investors are prioritizing property as Malaysia enters the recovery stage of COVID-19 pandemic. 

What are your Property Seekers seeking? 

With property seekers back more than before, it’s important to know what their demands are

Kuala Lumpur
Capture 3
Capture 4
Capture 5
Johor Bahru
Capture 6

Which Condo Projects are Most Popular? 

But let’s really get into the nitty-gritty and deep dive further. 

If you’re dealing a lot with condos, you’ll want to know which condo projects are popular

Kuala LumpurCapture 7
SelangorCapture 8
PenangCapture 9
Johor BahruCapture 10

Get yourself More Exposure and More Leads! 

So now you know that property seekers are back and you also know where in particular they’re searching for. Now it’s time you give yourself the exposure and competitive edge you deserve!  

As part of our ‘Spring Forward with You’ campaign, we have these awesome roll-outs for you to enjoy:  

  • Agent Referral Programme – Earn Up To 400 Ad Credits For Every New Agent Sign-Up Referred 

Help your friends and colleagues benefit from our offer and earn Ad Credits to fund your marketing activities. Available until 31 August 2020, you’ll receive up to 400 Ad Credits for every new agent subscriber you refer to PropertyGuru.    

For more details on Bonus Ad Credits breakdown and Ad Credit issuance, please refer to FAQs.   

  • 20% Savings On First-Time Purchases Of Ad Credits And Weekly Featured Listings– Give Your Profile And Listings The Exposure They Deserve 

Agents who have not purchased Ad Credits or Weekly Featured Listings in the past 12 months will enjoy 20% off your first Ad Credits and/or Weekly Featured Listings purchases. Promotion ends 31 July 2020.   

Contact any of our dedicated Account Managers to enjoy these offers now. 

Be the Market Expert and Start Selling More Developments – Locally and Regionally!  

Now that you know property seekers are back and how to maximise your exposure – let’s look at how you can expand your reach.  

Connecting you instantly to more than 500 developments within and beyond Malaysia, FastKey Projects is your trusty sales tool that gives you ready access to full project information and opens overseas market income for your business.  

How can FastKey Projects open more opportunities for you? 

  • Unlock overseas market opportunities and additional income, both locally and regionally. 
    FastKey Projects covers over 500 regional projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and more. With a plethora of such opportunities ready at your fingertips, you’re able to close deals beyond local markets and open yourself up to even more income with attractive developers’ offers and commissions.  
  • Say goodbye to manual research and get easy and instant access to all available project information.
    Your one-stop portal giving you ready access to all the developments’ information you need; including developers’ offers, floor plans, site maps, e-brochures and developer and agency contacts.  
  • Become the expert to any new development by using FastKey Projects as a convenient and ready-to-use development sales kit.
    To be a trusted property advisor, you need to have vital information at your fingertips at all times. FastKey Projects lets you share information about all the available developments on any device to your clients with ease and clarity. 




We hope that you feel like you’re filled to the brim with these exciting opportunities and can’t wait to hear about your successes! For more details of our Spring Forward With You initiatives, read up here

Coming soon, we’re springing you forward to higher closings! Stay tuned for updates.  

In the meantime, continue to stay safe and stay healthy.  

– PropertyGuru Team  

Patricia Er
Jul 15, 2020
That is encouraging and provide a better opportunities to all Property guru agents. BUT with goverment abolished or put on hold for the MM2H it will be affected for the property market in Msia especially for those inteded to resided here for their children education & business operation in Msia