Kampung Baru Gets New Development Plan

Pavither August 24, 2020

Kampung Baru gets new development plan

The Federal Territories Ministry will be taking a new approach in the development of Kampung Baru for the next 20 years via the Kampong Bharu 2040 Development Master Plan, reported Bernama.

This comes after finding that the offer to acquire land at RM1,000 per sq ft (psf) and the Kampong Bharu Development Concept Plan 2019 was hard to pursue since it did not have 100% consent of landowners, said Kampong Bharu Development Corporation (PKB) in a statement.

In September 2019, the Pakatan Harapan government offered to acquire land within the area at RM1,000 psf, with the RM850 paid in cash, while the RM150 will be in the form of shares at a special purpose vehicle.

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PKB noted that only 61% of owners and heirs agreed to the offer, aside from it involving the estimated high land purchase cost of RM7.4 billion and other costs of up to RM10 billion.

“The new direction of the (Kampung Baru) development is more realistic and can be implemented through a more focused approach, according to priority areas and taking into account the complexity of an area to meet the development needs in Kampung Baru,” said PKB as quoted by Bernama.

Among the immediate implementations involve the upgrade of the area’s main road infrastructure such as Jalan Raja Uda, Jalan Mahmud, Jalan Raja Muda Musa, the proposed bypass of Jalan Raja Alang to Jalan Raja Uda as well as Jalan Datuk Abdul Malik’s realignment, it revealed.

“The development either involves direct involvement of the Government through Government-Linked Companies or joint ventures by the landowners with private developers or self-developed by landowners organically with certain incentives,” said the statement.

It added that the development would be implemented in phases based on the priority of the development blocks identified by considering land plots with the consent of landowners.

Aside from being the facilitator in the development implementation, PKB’s function would also be enhanced in the future in order that it could serve as developer of property development projects within Kampung Baru.

“To successfully redevelop Kampung Baru into a commercial centre and Malay settlement in the Kuala Lumpur city centre, the voice and hopes of the landowners and their heirs will be taken into consideration by the Government,” said PKB.


Image source by PKB


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