Desa Aman Avenue Sdn Bhd and Desa Aman Hill Residence Sdn Bhd has officially announced their initiation to upgrade the living standards of the current residents of Rajawali flats and the Desa Aman Flats.

In this initiative, Desa Aman Avenue Sdn Bhd will redevelop 3 blocks of Flats in Taman Desa Aman which ranges from 300 units to 1,449 units condominium, while Desa Aman Hill Residence Sdn Bhd will redevelop 1 block of Rajawali Flats ranging from 80 units to 693 condominium units, benefiting 1520 families.

All existing owners of the current broken down flats will acquire one new condominium unit (House Replacement) with this “Key-to-key Home Swap Redevelopment Concept” without involving any costs to the owner. These new condominium units that will be given to these residents will be 900 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 carpark bay, with luxurious condominium facilities such as recreation spaces, sports venues, swimming pools, community halls and others.

Owners also don’t have to move out of their respective flats during the construction of the condominium, as the swap will only take place after the condominiums are fully erected. YB Datuk Seri Jalaluddin Alias, Timbalan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan officiated the event on 27th Dec as he took a tour of the current living situations of the residents at the flats together with YB Datuk Seri Haji Mahadi Bin Che Ngah (Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur), YB Datuk Mahadi Bin Abdul Shukor, (Chairman of Desa Aman Avenue Sdn Bhd), Dato’ Tony Chin Hon Fah, (Managing Director of Desa Aman Avenue Sdn Bhd), Chin Ke Liang, (Project Director of Aman Avenue Sdn Bhd) as well as Saravanan A/L Sammy Nathan, (Chairman of Desa Aman JMB).

YB Datuk Seri Jalaluddin Alias offering a hamper to one of the current low-cost flat residents.

YB Datuk Seri Jalaluddin Alias offering a hamper to one of the current low-cost flat residents.

“I am very proud of Dato’ Tony for this excellent initiative to redevelop these 380 low-cost flat units at Taman Desa Aman. This is a positive step to ensuring the comfort of our Kuala Lumpur community without these flat owners having to fork out any payments. Redevelopment of units that are 40 years and above need to be carried out on a per stage basis for the comfort and safety of its residents”, said YB Alias.

He added to say that units that were built 40 years ago at 500sq ft can no longer be deemed comfortable in today’s climate. It needs to follow the current living standards set by the Government’s ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ under the prevue of YAP Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaacob, the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, which states that units need to be developed with at least 800sq ft of space.

“The beauty of this Key-to-key Home Swap Redevelopment Concept is that residents of the current low-cost flats will only need to move out of their current houses upon 100 percent completion of the new development. Residents will not need to be worried about breaking down the current flats or being housed in a transit home until completion of the condominiums. The developer will complete the development and will host a key handing over ceremony before residents need to move out of their flats”, he added. YB Datuk Alias also took the opportunity to reach out to other developers and urged them to carry out such responsibilities to ensure the betterment of the community because we go through changes in phases from time to time and we can no longer face catastrophe as we have in recent times, which saw losses of life as well as possessions from many people.

These loses can be contributed to the wear and tear of certain developments that can no longer stand the test of time. Due to this, we believe that all living premises, especially low-cost flats that house the B40 group needs to be looked at and measures need to be taken to ensure their safety and betterment. “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank YB Datuk Bandar for his contribution and involvement in this project becoming a success. On behalf of the government, we would like to state that we believe that we all live in one Malaysian Community hence we need to care and love one another.

“As the JMB chairman of this 40-year-old development, we have been faced with many challenges with regards to strata titles. Without redevelopment, there is definitely no solution for this issue, because the previous developer has filed for bankruptcy. The issue here is that it is impossible for any resident to sell their units as banks will not approve loans due to this title issue. With this redevelopment offered by Dato’ Tony, all residents will be awarded with individual strata titles and this automatically solves this current issue. Furthermore, all residents will finally be able to live is comfort and in more space as the given units are much bigger and in better quality that it is now”, said Nathan.

According to Dato’ Tony, the reason for this redevelopment is none other than to ensure a better lifestyle for the current low-cost flats residents. After 40 years and a lifetime of suffering, it’s about time they be honoured with some comfort, facilities, security and space to move around. Each unit will also come with a carpark bay so that residents no longer need to scramble for parking. “We are doing our part to make living more comfortable for the residents of Malaysia and do hope that others follow suit too”, said Dato’ Tony. 


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