Water Purifiers Among Causes Of High Electricity Bills, Says TNB

March 4, 2021

Water Purifiers Among Causes Of High Electric Bills, Says TNB

Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s (TNB) Selangor retail chief Ismail Lathifi Teh has pointed to water purifiers that come with cooling and heating technology as one of the culprits of higher electricity bills.

With the current hot weather, electrical appliances equipped with cooling systems like air conditioners, water purifiers and refrigerators consume a lot of electricity for them to maintain a constant temperature, he said as quoted by Bernama.

“During hot weather, machines with compressors will use more energy to maintain a steady temperature,” he told Bernama.

“So if we keep opening the refrigerator door or take chilled water from the water purifier in our homes, more electrical energy consumption is required to maintain the cold temperature.”

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He explained that whenever chilled water stored in the water purifier’s tank runs out, more water will flow into the tank, which will keep the compressor running to cool the water.

“As more water is being filled, the compressor cooling system will continue to operate resulting in more electricity consumption,” said Ismail Lathifi.

For air conditioners, consumers can lower their power consumption by turning on the timer function and setting the temperature between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius.

“Consumers are encouraged to use the timer so that the air conditioner is switched off early in the morning or from 2am onwards when the room has cooled down. Thereafter, switch on the fan to maintain the cool temperature,” said Ismail Lathifi.

He also encouraged consumers to have their air conditioners regularly serviced so that the unit would operate more economically and efficiently.

“I have received complaints from consumers that they do not use air conditioners but their electricity bill has increased substantially. They forget that other electrical appliances also consume electricity,” he said.


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