Redefining Luxury Amidst Hilltop Serenity

2 Feb 2024

Elegantly perched on high ground, ViO Banj’ran represents the epitome of opulence and luxury, setting an unrivalled standard in hilltop living. This extraordinary IJM Land development in Seremban 2 Heights redefines sophistication, crafting a realm where exclusivity reigns supreme for the most discerning of homeowners.

Perched at a lofty altitude of approximately 146 meters above the sea, ViO Banj’ran’s vantage unveils a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountain ranges, a symphony of awe-inspiring green views that extend to the horizon’s edge. Here, the entire S2 township lies at your feet, with the crisp, invigorating air and the soothing embrace of nature enveloping you.

ViO Banj’ran sprawls across 13 acres of prime, low-density real estate, placing you among the elite jet set when it comes to luxury living. It is not just a residence; it is a testament to your well-earned life achievements. This crown jewel of IJM Land in S2 offers unobstructed views of the burgeoning township below.

Derived from the Latin word for “go” or “to travel”, the name ViO signifies a longing for exploration and wanderlust, capturing the essence of your journey to an exclusive hillside haven where your dream home beckons. Paired with Banj’ran, a nod to the Malay term “Banjaran ” meaning “mountain range,” it encapsulates the voyage to a lavish retreat amidst serene hillside surroundings.

This is your unparalleled opportunity to own one of the most prestigious residences in S2, a testament to IJM Land’s unwavering commitment towards shaping and reimagining the landscape of modern luxury living.

“Picture residents indulging in their private retreat, surrounded by the majesty of the mountain scenery,” says Mr. Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land. “These homes are meticulously designed for multi-generational living, seamlessly balancing personal privacy with the need for a harmonious family lifestyle. Our aspiration is to create opulent and expansive spaces that nurture the soul, to go along with a level of luxury that cannot be replicated in the city. ”



ViO Banj’ran stands as the pinnacle of IJM Land’s legacy in the Malaysian property development landscape, blending upscale landed properties within a guarded enclave that offers a ViO Banj’ran enchanting environment that deservedly has also attained a Provisional  GreenRE gold rating in the residential category.

The journey to ViO Banj’ran is a delightful experience in itself. As you drive along the access road from the foothill, you’re greeted by a lush landscape that resembles the charm of seasonal climates, a truly unique sight in tropical Malaysia. The surroundings are adorned with vibrant colours, reminiscent of a “High Country” planting concept featuring elongated and columnar trees often only found in highland settings.

A striking double row of Salam trees welcomes residents and visitors alike, with pink flowers in full bloom emitting a gentle fragrance and dried brown Salam leaves exuding a tantalising aroma. The beautiful landscape includes evergreen causuarian and South East Asian majestic Borneo Kauri alongside araucaria trees often seen in seasonal climates that add an eclectic touch to this exceptional hilltop property.

Experience grandeur at the entrance with ViO Banj'ran's spacious and luxurious guard house, setting the tone for elevated hilltop living.

Experience grandeur at the entrance with ViO Banj’ran’s spacious and luxurious guard house, setting the tone for elevated hilltop living.

These and other species of trees and flowers add a touch of natural splendour to the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of wonder at this premium bungalow development.  The journey encircles an alluring sculpture of a dancing couple intertwined in motion and culminates at a magnificent lookout point facing the true East, offering panoramic views of the entire S2 and its surrounding areas, where the sun rises daily to greet ViO Banj’ran residents.

From this vantage and the expansive viewing decks, residents are able to soak in the spectacle of the surrounding mountain range that will turn each day into a truly inspiring scenic experience, replete with an orchard laden with fruits that will eventually be a delightful harvest for the community.

There are also various designated picnic areas that are perfect for alfresco dining with loved ones given the slightly cooler climate here. And for those seeking a more close-knit gathering, a spacious pavilion provides the perfect setting to connect with fellow residents and forge lasting memories.

Upon reaching this idyllic destination, ViO Banj’ran unveils an exclusive collection of 40 delectably designed homes, aptly named ‘Luxh’ bungalows, with an estimated Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM183 million. Each residence stands as a contemporary masterpiece, redefining the essence of understated luxury that reflects a lifetime of achievements.



ViO Banj’ran offers a selection of remarkable homes, each a testament to luxury and spacious living. The 3-storey bungalows, available in Types A, A1, A2, and A3, are impeccably designed with expansive land areas ranging from 5,070 sq ft to 8,934 sq ft. Their generous gross built-up areas of 5,930 sq ft to 6,944 sq ft make them perfect for generational living.

Explore the elegance of Type A through this artist's rendering, a harmonious fusion of modern sophistication and the peaceful surroundings of nature.

Explore the elegance of Type A through this artist’s rendering, a harmonious fusion of modern sophistication and the peaceful surroundings of nature.

Alternatively, there are five units of Type B 2-storey bungalows, featuring remarkable land areas ranging from 5,365 sq ft to 7,789 sq ft and a gross built-up area of 4,756 sq ft. These premium bungalows offer a unique combination of being surrounded by nature and creative artworks that are underscored by the latest in proptech, creating a truly captivating living environment where residents can enjoy a life of joy, well-being, and sustainability.

For the residents, their new dream homes provide a blank canvas for personalisation, with intimate balconies on each floor, offering a breezy connection to captivating vistas.

Inside, the homes are bathed in natural light and designed with double-volume spaces to create an airy and refreshing ambience. Quality is paramount, with IJM using top-tier construction materials to ensure the finest finishing. Each home also boasts a dedicated space for a private lift to be installed as necessary, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Spacious balconies on each floor allow residents to commune with nature and appreciate the breathtaking views in comfort. These homes are perfect for those who seek the quintessential modern living, connecting with nature in a serene environment, with sizable gardens for play and relaxation.

Where elegance meets serenity – ViO Banj'ran's living room, a symphony of luxury and comfort.

Where elegance meets serenity – ViO Banj’ran’s living room, a symphony of luxury and comfort.

The thoughtfully crafted floor plans accommodate three generations under one roof, providing privacy and personalised spaces for each family member. The layout fosters a natural commingling of personal and private spaces, with bright and spacious living areas. The great ceiling heights make a lasting impression, and a true chef’s kitchen allows for the preparation of hearty meals. The homes blend sophistication, functionality, and a fusion of traditional and modern architecture perfectly.

“ViO Banj’ran stands as the epitome of luxury living in our exclusive neighbourhood,” emphasised Mr. Chai. “We are certain that this development will continue to be the ultimate choice for homeowners, offering an elevated and prestigious lifestyle that seamlessly combines privacy with a breathtaking natural setting.”



ViO Banj’ran takes your lifestyle to new heights with a wealth of premium daily living features. The development offers a state-of-the-art smart home system complete with facial recognition software and fingerprint detection for ultimate security and convenience.

Each house is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system, allowing residents to responsibly use rainwater for garden taps. The addition of CEKAP water-saving fittings promotes water conservation.

For eco-conscious living, ViO Banj’ran provides a solar PV system to supplement your electricity needs as a further commitment towards sustainability. The Monier BMI Solar Thermal System heats toilet showers and basins, embracing green technology. With the rise of EV vehicles, each unit will be equipped to easily accommodate EV charging installations.

Inside, enjoy worry-free living with self-cleaning exterior paint that requires minimal maintenance. The engineered wood flooring comes with a ten-year warranty against termite infestation, suitably combining elegance and durability.

Safety and community are paramount, with solar-powered lights illuminating the common areas and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The development features 24-hour surveillance, strategically placed security cameras, anti-climb fencing, and professionally trained guards who prioritise ensuring the safety of each and every single resident and visitor at ViO Banj’ran.



ViO Banj’ran offers residents the duality of an oasis of private seclusion while ensuring convenient access to a wealth of amenities. Whether it’s shopping at renowned retail destinations like Aeon Mall, Mydin Mall, Seremban Gateway, or stocking up at hypermarkets such as Lotus’s Hypermarket, the diverse needs of residents are conveniently fulfilled.

In terms of healthcare, residents are within close proximity to SEHAT Healthcare Centre, Columbia Asia Hospital, KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital, and Klinik Kesihatan Seremban 2. ViO Banj’ran’s strategic location also provides access to esteemed educational institutions like Tung Hua Primary School, Hillside Seremban Primary School, Zenith International School, Real Kids and more, creating a nurturing environment for families.

With well-established connectivity infrastructure, including toll plazas like Seremban, Ainsdale, and Port Dickson, commuting to major hubs such as Kuala Lumpur, KLIA, KLIA 2 airports, and other parts of the Peninsula is efficient and hassle-free.

According to Mr. Chai, “The captivating hilly landscape, prestigious design, craftsmanship, and advanced security features create an unparalleled living experience. We at IJM Land are proud to have set a new standard for quiet luxury that also marks a significant milestone in sustainable development practices at ViO Banj’ran.”

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