PETALING JAYA, Selangor – Gamuda Land, Malaysia’s top property developer renowned for its commitment to sustainability and community development announced its formal partnership with Kiddypedia, a prominent advocate for children’s education and development.

Jess Teng, Chief Operating Officer of Gamuda Land, shared her excitement about the collaboration, emphasising the thoughtful approach taken in masterplanning Gamuda Land’s townships. “When we masterplan our townships, we are mindful of all the elements we bring together – from the landscaping to the infrastructure to the home design, to all the community meeting places. Everything we do has a reason behind it, and it all blends together to create a sense of community,” she explained. “So, our partnership with Kiddypedia is only natural, as it aligns with our commitment to providing more community-based activities to create a closely-knitted community.”

“We hope to develop a township with that hometown feel, a place where neighbours from all backgrounds and ages can come together to work, to learn, to shop and to play where lifelong friendships are forged with the people they meet in the community.”

Building upon the success of previous community engagement initiatives, such as the ‘Heroes of Tomorrow’ series, which engaged over 5,000 participants across Gamuda Land townships, this partnership introduces the Kiddypedia Discovery Centres. These hubs, nestled within Gamuda Gardens and twentyfive7 across the Klang Valley, offer edu-tainment experiences for families to explore varied career paths. Integrating sports, arts, STEM workshops, and team-building exercises, the approach ignites young minds, fostering a lifelong love for learning through active engagement.

Place-based Learning Centres

In the upcoming Discovery Centres’, Gamuda Land’s facilities such as parks, waterways, lakes, and the Wetlands Arboretum will serve as the backdrop for the variety of on-hand educational programmes. These place-based learning programmes, co-developed with Gamuda Parks will expand participants’ knowledge about our environment and will take span across an entire academic year – particularly in urban garden management and biodiversity conservation.

The “100 Careers Challenge” syllabus will encompass various career pathways, including roles such as Little Botanist, Little Urban Planner, Little Environmental Architect, Little Marine Biologist, and more. These roles will offer hands-on experiences designed to reinforce learning and foster interdisciplinary teamwork, immersing participants in real-world challenges.

“We have discovered that the settings within Gamuda Land townships are perfectly suited for our Play-Based Learning Centres. These environments enable us to weave the classroom curriculum with the local community, culture, and surroundings, utilising the natural and cultural assets of the area to enhance our learning programs. Through immersive learning experiences that emphasise discovery, experience, and play, we aim to deepen children’s understanding of the world around them and inspire active participation in their local environment and community,” said Cavin Tan, Kiddypedia Chief Executive Officer.

“These out-of-school programmes not only enrich the overall educational experience but also offer parents valuable insights into their child’s strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, they provide an opportunity for parents to connect not only with their children but also with other parents, establishing a strong support network within the community. We believe that such collaborations significantly contribute to the holistic development of children and promote the overall cohesion of the community.”

Leveraging Gamuda Land’s Facilities

As the programme matures, there are plans to offer participants the opportunity to visit Gamuda’s Next-Generation Digital Industrialised Building System facility in Banting, based on the participant’s chosen career path. This initiative aims to provide participants with firsthand experience in modern construction methods and sustainable construction practices, which represents the future of the industry.

Moreover, the programme will incorporate field trips to the Wetlands Arboretum Centre at Gamuda Cove. These excursions will include visits to the adjacent Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands, designed to introduce and educate children about the importance and role of the wetland’s ecosystem.

As part of this partnership, GL Rangers, a children’s club designed for children under 12 years old, will be introduced. For an annual membership fee of RM200, GL Rangers will be able to enjoy a 15% discount for programmes offered at Kiddypedia Discovery Centres. Other membership benefits include an exclusive free gift upon registration, invitations to a diverse array of engaging activities and events, ensuring members are always up-to-date with the latest highlights and programmes. Additionally, members will enjoy access to exclusive promotions and deals, further enhancing their overall club experience.