10 Studio Apartment Design Ideas To Make Your House A Home

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10 Studio Apartment Design Ideas To Make Your House A Home
Looking for a place to call your own in the city can be challenging, especially if property prices are out of reach of your budget.
Finding the perfect home in hotspots like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, or Johor Bahru to suit your needs might require adjusting your expectations about the size and budget of your ideal home.
Studio apartments, which are typically between 200 sq ft to 800 sq ft, might just be the answer to the question of owning a space of your own in a good location at an affordable price tag.
This is especially true for those who prefer practical and compact living, with all the conveniences of living in a strata type of property.
These apartments typically refer to an open-plan design, which includes the living area, sleeping area, and kitchen all within one space.
Now if you’re thinking of buying one, whether for your own stay or investment purposes, it’s time to find out what are some of the pros and cons before you dive in!

What Are The Pros Of Studio Apartments?

Studio apartment decorating ideas
At a more affordable price tag, you could have a home in a great development with a coveted address, trading a bit of space for conveniences like being located close to transportation hubs and green lungs.
A studio apartment also makes for a good investment if it is located in a mature township where access to shops, banks, hospitals, and educational institutions is so easy.
Imagine how easy it’ll be to rent your unit out to wide range of people from all walks of life; they’d be thankful for having everything they’d need just minutes away from the doorstep!
The compact nature of studio apartments makes them great for students, single professionals, and newlyweds looking for a property that is not just affordable, but easy to clean and maintain.
This is an important consideration for those with busy schedules and little time for household chores; all they really need is a place to relax and unwind in!
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A studio unit also falls under the jurisdiction of the Housing Development Act (HDA), meaning that buyers of new units will be warrantied against defects for a predetermined time frame.
This warranty, also known as the Defect Liability Period, is typically 24 months from the delivery of the vacant possession.

PropertyGuru Tip

A Vacant Possession (VP) from a developer is an official statement to inform the buyer to take possession of the property.

The VP certifies that the buyer has made full payment and that the property bears the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC). The more you know!
What you should do after receiving the VP, is to perform a thorough check of the property to identify any defects or faulty workmanship, so the developer can carry out the necessary repairs for you.
Finally, studio units generally come with a residential title, which means the assessment tax and utility bills are lower compared to properties with commercial titles.

What Are The Cons Of Studio Apartments?

One of the first things that comes to mind when talking about studio apartments is the lack of space, which can potentially feel restrictive.
Studio apartment decorating ideas
If you’ve been struggling with feelings of being cooped up at home during the Movement Control Orders (MCOs), a studio apartment layout that’s too small might not be the right property type for you.
Similarly, if you like entertaining and having family or friends over, a studio unit will undoubtedly restrict the number of people you can host.
Another drawback to studio units is that they come with additional costs, like maintenance fees and sinking fund which are typical costs in high-rise properties.
Now that we’ve covered some of the pros and cons of studio apartments, let’s take a look at interesting ways to make the most out of that smaller space!

10 Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas to Make Full Use of the Space

Studio apartment decorating ideas
  1. Studio apartments are great for minimalists who prefer compact and efficient living. If this is your first home, chances are you don’t own a lot of stuff, especially big kitchen appliances. This allows you to choose exactly how you want to furnish your home, according to your lifestyle.
  2. Suppose you don’t cook, the kitchen space can easily be turned into a home office or a space to entertain guests. If the kitchen comes with built-in cabinets, you can utilise this space for all your storage needs.
  3. When it comes to studio apartment design ideas, use light colours like white, cream, or pastel shades of pink, blue, or yellow to make the unit feel bigger. This can have a huge impact on the overall feel of the place.
  4. Another studio apartment interior design hack is to identify a feature wall and give it a darker coat of paint to lend depth to your studio apartment. The optical illusion created can give your place a chic and sophisticated look, while having a positive impact on your mental health.
  5. To give your home a warm and cosy feel, play with wood elements like installing hardwood floors and cabinets with wood grain designs. The wood grain effect can also make your home look elongated and bigger than it actually is.
  6. Adding low-maintenance plants like money plant or mother-in-law’s tongue in your home not only gives it a more natural feel, these plants are known to absorb toxins and pollutants in the air, as well as improve overall air quality in your home.
  7. Since studios usually have little to no partitioning between different sections of a home, this is where you can get creative with partitioning the space! A modern multi-functional floor to ceiling divider can give you privacy and lots of storage space. On the other hand, a traditional oriental partition made of wood or cloth can be more aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Open shelving with minimal decor can serve multiple functions. Besides decorating the shelves with picture frames and ornaments from your travels, you can also use it to arrange your books or display art pieces.
  9. Get creative with storage space by utilising the space under your bed. You can choose to get a bed that comes with storage space underneath, or build a raised platform for your bed with customised storage space for your possessions.
  10. Living in a small space doesn’t always mean you are restricted. Look into the possibility of building upwards (although always check the renovation rules first!). Not only could you potentially double your space, but now you’ll have even more privacy when guests come over. Move your bedroom and wardrobe upstairs so that you can work or entertain downstairs. If you love food and cooking, this is also a good way to avoid having your linen absorb the smell of oil and linger in your studio apartment for days.
If you are on the hunt for studio apartments for sale, remember to always ask yourself if it will fit your lifestyle and plans for the future.
After all, buying a property is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make, and not something to be taken lightly!
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