My Home, My Story: Too Wei

Mangalesri ChandrasekaranOctober 7, 2016


This story was submitted by Too Wei Kwok


I started working in the year 1994, at the age of 24. In the year 2002, I decided to get a double-storey house after my marriage as the need arose. I saw a house in Sri Putra, Sungai Buloh which was priced at RM259,000.

I was confident in purchasing the property and was hoping to get a 90% mortgage loan. However, only 85% was approved for me with the reason of having an outstanding balance in my American Express credit card.

I was frustrated as I couldn’t afford to fork out money for the 5%, which was amounting to RM12,950. Moreover, the outstanding in my credit card was also caused by my former employer who promised to settle the payment which was incurred during office trips. It was a very stressful time for me!

I was very close to abandoning the idea of buying a home. But then, I asked my parents to help me at that time. I felt quite embarrassed as I never depended on my parents after my graduation and this was the first time I actually asked for their favour.

In the end, I successfully purchased the property with the help of my parents. I resided there for three years with my family and my eldest daughter who was only two years old at that time. I was forced to sell the house due to its unsafe environment, where daylight robbery happened frequently. I was not willing to take any risks when they pose threats to my family!

I sold the house for RM269,000. I learnt my lesson then because I failed to survey the location of the property prior to my purchase. Due to its location, my house value didn’t appreciate much and I also failed to inspect the safety features available there. If only I had noticed the poor security of the area previously, I wouldn’t have purchased the house in the first place.


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