Modern Integrated Living in Bukit Jelutong

Contributor 30 Aug 2016


The world is changing and the property development sector has evolved. In the past, living in a bungalow was considered to be good enough, and if you lived close to the city you were considered to be very lucky.

But in today’s age, the demands have changed. Nowadays buyers don’t just look for a big home close to the city. They also want convenience of accessibility, spacious green living, a tranquil environment and above all, they want a safe and secured environment where their children are free to run about.

As such, in response to the general populace’s demands, developments such as Bukit Jelutong have mushroomed. Whole acreages of land are being transformed into planned townships with parks, shopping malls, commercial hubs – and most importantly, gated and guarded living.

While the older generation are mostly still sceptical of living in high rises or townhouses, let us look at some of the advantages to be enjoyed if one were to live in such a development within a well planned township.


High Rise Living Overlooking Panoramic Views


In our parents’ time, if you wanted a great view you would either need to live on elevated land (which doesn’t even guarantee you great views) or hike a mountain. And buying a home on elevated land is a luxury that is reserved only for the seriously wealthy. So what about the commoners who just want to enjoy life without having to pay an arm and a leg for it?

Stay in a high rise of course! And as an added benefit, if you lived in a high rise located within a well planned township, your views will be unobstructed, and guaranteed to be great!

And then also there is the advantage of facilities. Nowadays, all the new developments try to outdo each and the other in terms of facilities, but the ones that you are guaranteed to get would be a swimming pool, gymnasium and children’s playground. So where in the past if you wanted to swim you would either have to join a really expensive and posh club or go swim in a public pool, now you can swim in the comfort of your home.

And the best part of all these facilities? You only need to pay the maintenance fees and let someone else do the dirty work of maintaining the facilities!




Townhouse Living


Now what about townhouses? These still rather unusual type of homes appeals to a very niche market, but there are definitely advocates of these homes. Imagine living in a low density condominium where every ‘block’ has only two units, and that is a townhouse for you. In fact from its outlook, townhouses rather resemble terrace homes.

There is a major advantage to staying in this low density ‘condominium’ type of home, which is its parking space. Unlike a condominium where you have designated parking lots but depending on where your allocation is you have to walk rather far to get home, in a townhouse your parking lot adjoins your house just like if you were to live in a terrace home.

Another major advantage are the gardens you get to enjoy. If you lived in a condominium you will probably get great views of the city and your surroundings. But if you love gardens, nothing beats living in a landed property. And if you choose your townhouse well like those offered at Rimbun Sanctuary, you get to enjoy both front and rear gardens!

And now imagine if your townhouse was located within a mixed development of condominium and townhouses; you will get to enjoy both the joys of living in a landed property while reaping full advantage of all the facilities provided at the condominium!


Secured Living


The way that these homes are built nowadays, its residents live a very secured lifestyle. While many of the security features are common across all gated and guarded communities, some of them have more while others have less.

Take for example Rimbun Sanctuary. Entry into the development is only granted by access card, and the premises are patrolled 24 hours. The perimeter fencing is mounted by surveillance cameras, and the grounds of the condominium are also installed with CCTV cameras for maximum security.

Panic buttons connected to the guardhouse are also installed in every unit, and the development is served by an Emergency Response Team (ERT).





Looking at the bigger picture now, our grandparents would never have been able to fathom high rise living; and having a gymnasium and swimming pool downstairs of your home is also foreign to some of the elderly, let alone having an ERT team serve the development. To be fair to them, mixed developments are not very old in the market.

With nature living close to the city being the new hype, a very unique development that features both condominiums and townhouses with high security and great facilities in the esteemed township of Bukit Jelutong is Rimbun Sanctuary.

While Bukit Jelutong is a great place for family living, there are also some who seek these homes out as an investment as they carry an approximate conservative Return on Investment (ROI) of 4% per annum.


Rimbun Sanctuary is the much-awaited addition to Bukit Jelutong. Find out more about this development here.


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