5 Must Haves when Buying a Property

Diane Foo Eu LynnSeptember 14, 2017


With the flood of developments in the market, there are some things that every development is expected to have nowadays.

Here are some of the things that you can expect to get – and actually get them now.




Top of the list without challenge. But then again, this is nothing new especially when it comes to Malaysians isn’t it? 😉

In the current slow market situation, developers are giving out discounts on various fees – whether they are discounts on the downpayment, legal fees or MOT fees. In lieu of the abolished Developer Interest Bearing Scheme (DIBS), buyers can also expect more creative cash backs in form of “moving in fees” and “loyalty bonuses”.

Whatever the cash back offered to you, ensure you have it down in writing with the Sales & Purchase (S&P) agreement before you sign anything!


Great amenities!


Most new developments nowadays are centred around business centres, are within a short distance of business hubs, or are located within a planned township. Then again, many new developments nowadays are a township by themselves revolving around the “work, live and play” concept.

So if your new home is not within a short drive of all the daily necessities – even if you are living in the suburbs – you may want to consider an alternative option.


A Great View


This is in today’s market a very big selling point – whether you care for a view or not. You will either get “beautiful views” of either “greenery”, “nature”, the “cityscape”, the “sea” or the “mountains”, all depending on where you are staying.

While many buyers care for their views, just as many buyers do not care what is outside their windows as long as it’s not a graveyard – although this is debatable in Penang.


More Facilities than You can Use


This is another major point of contention between different developers, the uniqueness of their facilities. Whether it is a saltwater swimming pool, the biggest facility acreage in Malaysia, a golfing course or a jogging track through a forest, it is a fact that these facilities are just meant to impress you. Because come on – how often will you use the facilities?


Great Accessibility


If there is no road, they will build one. If the highway is 30 minutes away, they will cut through the hills and halve the traveling time.

Or at least this is what most developers are promising.

So if you are debating buying a development, ensure you get one that has great accessibility.

If all the above points are of importance to you, then you will want to take note that this is what a good project is supposed to look like. If you find them interesting, make sure to drop them a message to ensure they have all the above qualities!


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