Lawmaker Laments Loophole Protecting Erring Rumah Selangorku Owners

Pavither 21 Mar 2019

A lawmaker has urged the Selangor state government to review the Rumah Selangorku selection process to close a loophole that prevents the state from evicting or acting against owners who rent out their units. 

“Looking at the reply from the Selangor Housing and Land Authority (Lembaga Perumahan Hartanah Selangor — LPHS), it seems that the terms and conditions we put in place before selling the units are merely [guidelines],” said Pelabuhan Klang Assemblyman Azmizam Zaman Huri during a state assembly meeting on 20 March, reported Malay Mail.

“After the homes have been purchased and when the tenants start residing there, we realise we cannot do anything. Those who are staying there instead of renting out their units are unhappy because there are foreigners staying at the newly constructed Rumah Selangorku.”

Azmizam was referring to the Azaria Apartments located in his constituency.

It was reported in January that an about 10 of the 240 units in Azaria were rented being out, with some converted into hostels for foreign workers – to the dismay of other residents.

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Azmizam said he knew the state government was conducting workshops to finetune and streamline the selection process for upcoming Rumah Selangorku properties.

“We still have around 123,000 applicants who have not received their homes. I hope the mechanism which is being discussed in the workshop right now will ensure only those that truly deserve the homes should receive them,” he said. “This would be newly-weds who need a new home.”

Image source from Glomac

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