From our last issue When and where to focus your listings in July, we noticed Monday has the highest number of searches and Selangor emerged as the most popular districtlet’s see what’s in store for August

When to focus your listings?

Based on property search results at from 1 July to 28 July 2020, Monday still holds  the highest number of searches.  

This is followed by fairly well-distributed volume of property searches recorded across the first half of the week, including Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  

W&W Aug days


Now that we know property seekers are most active at the start of the week, let’s look at the hours of the day they are most engaged on the platform.  

Property seekers are most active from afternoon onwards, peaking at 12pm – 3pm, with 4pm – 7pm being not far behind.  

W&W August Time

Will property seekers’ behaviour continue to change in the near future or have they adapted to the ‘new normal’? Stay tuned for next month’s article to find out! 

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Where to focus your Listing? 

Based on our District search data from 1 July to 1 August 2020, Selangor ranks number one, with the always popular Kuala Lumpur following in second position and Johor Bahru in third place.  

W&W Aug district

As always, keep an eye on all your listings and try our Area Specialist premium feature, effectively positioning you as the go-to agent of a specific district among property owners and seekers. 

TIP: To use Area Specialist, your profile and contact detail will be prominently displayed on the upper fold of relevant province, district and area search results, capturing the attention of potential buyers and sellers. Choose from the 10 most popular districts so your profile gets the most exposure to draw in potential leads! 

W&W Aug area specialist


Referring to Condo search data from 1 July – 1 August, let’s find out which are the 10 most popular condos in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bahru and Penang.  

Kuala Lumpur

W&W Aug condo kl



W&W Aug condo selangor


Johor Bahru

W&W Aug condo jb




W&W Aug condo penang

TIP: Using Condo Specialist promotes you as the specialist agent for a particular condo project. Your agent profile and contact detail will be prominently featured on project details page and relevant searches, to capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers. 


That’s all for this week – we hope this information is helpful. Look out for our next update!  

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– PropertyGuru Team