In our previous article, we’ve learnt that people are still searching for their next dream homes despite the pandemic situation.  

Looking back on our earlier article When and Where to Focus Your Listings in June, we saw that Tuesday had the highest number of listing views and Selangor was the most popular district – so what’s next for July?  

When to Focus Your Listings?  

According to our platform data from 1 to 29 June 2020, Monday emerged #1 in search volume, similar to what we found in our previous research in April 2020.  

One interesting fact to note is that the other days of the week have started to pick up traction steadily, in particular for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In our last article for June, we recorded the lowest search volume on Friday.  


This new shift could be attributed to property seekers getting adjusted to the ‘new normal’ and being able to manage and allocate their time better during the work week.  

Will property seekers’ behaviour continue to evolve, or return to where they used to be? Stay tuned for our next article to find out! 

Where to Focus Your Listings?  

To give everyone a wider view of the popularity of districts, here’s a look at districts that are commonly grouped together. 

From our findings in the month of June, Selangor remains top of the charts, with the ever-popular Kuala Lumpur maintaining a pretty close second place. 


With these popular areas identified, now’s the opportune time to start marketing listings in these areas. Get instantly connected to more than 500 projects within and beyond Malaysia with FastKey Projects or check out Wanted Leads to discover more prospects for your business, both available to agent partners via AgentNet.  

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We hope you have found this article useful. Will be sharing another article soon so stay tuned!  

Agent partners, we are standing by you. Let’s take care of each other.   

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 – PropertyGuru Team  

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Jun Chai
Aug 23, 2020
now been set auto repost, once the unit been sold or rented, how to stop the remain of auto repost function? thanks