A lot of selling comes from knowing where your potential leads are. This way, you know where to focus your resources and invest in what matters.  

Similar to our previous article on ‘How to Use Your Ad Credits Smartly’, today we’re sharing insights gathered from just last month (April 2020) – so you get the newest and most relevant information.

When to Focus Your Listings?  

For this, we looked at volume of searches made by property seekers during the different days of the week.  

In terms of days of the week, it seems that Mondays are the clear winner. 

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays overall saw relatively balanced search volumes followed by the weekends, with Tuesday being the day with the lowest number of searches in the month of April 2020. 



Now that you know property seekers are more actively searching on Mondays, let’s look at the time of the day they’re most active.  

We saw that property seekers started getting active in the afternoon and they peaked at 12PM to 3PM.


In our previous article, we’ve noticed that property seekers have the highest activity between 12PM to 3PM as well.  

This could be attribute to the fact that many of us are staying at home and are probably doing some home searching during lunchtime. 

Where to Focus Your Listings? 

Here’s a look at the 17 different districts in Malaysia and the volume of views they’ve had over the month of April 2020, from the lowest to the highest in viewing numbers. 

Consistent to our findings on ‘Property Seekers Still Keen Despite COVID-19. Here’s What They Are Looking At.‘, the district with the highest search volume continues to be in Selangor


And here’s a look at the volume of searches for ‘Sale’ listings versus ‘Rent’: 



All in all, the volume of property searches still remains strong in Malaysia – but just as our lifestyle has been different these couple of months, so has the property seekers’ search behaviour. 

However it’s always important to know that every listing is unique and you should monitor their Listing Performance Insights closely as well! 



This wraps up our article for the week – we hope you found this piece useful.  

Stay tuned for next week’s publication! 

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