Johor Property Owners To Enjoy 15% Rebate From October

29 Sep 2020

Starting 1 October, property owners in Johor will be given a 15% rebate on quit rent for this year.

For next year, the quit rent rebate would stand at 10% and 5% in 2022, said Menteri Besar Datuk Ir Hasni Mohammad.

He revealed that the giving of rebates was unveiled in the winding up speech of the 2020 Ihsan Johor Economic Stimulus Package Negotiation at the State Assembly meeting on 13 September.

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“The quit rent repayment period has been extended until 14 December, while current quit rent late payment penalty will be imposed starting 15 December,” he said.

“For property owners who did not settle their current quit rent for 2020 starting December 15, the quit rent will be considered as arrears and a late payment penalty will be charged starting from that date.”

Those who settled their quit rent after 14 December would not be given the 15% rebate, he explained.

For those who paid this year’s tax, the excess payment will be credited for the following year. This means the property owner will receive 25% rebate in 2021.

To receive rebates in 2021 and 2022, property owners should pay their quit rent for the said year prior to at least 31 May, he added.


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