Aug 21 Summary

As we welcome August with renewed hope in lieu of walk-in vaccinations across Malaysia, let’s look at when and where you should focus your listing activities this month.  

When To Focus Your Listings 

Last month, property seekers’ traffic peaked on Tuesdays and relatively high activity across Wednesdays to Sundays.  

However, internal data from 1st – 26th July shows the exact opposite with Mondays having the highest volume of views, followed by Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

Aug 21 Days of the week

Looking at 
most active time of the day for property seekersbelow graph shows that website traffic usually begins at 8AMstarts to peak at 10AM then remains fairly consistentuntil 10PM – so you have 
12 full hours of active search.  

Aug 21 Time of the week

 Where To Focus Your Listings 

Here are the Top10 Most Popular Areas searched by property seekers from 1st to 26 July 2021. 

Kuala Lumpur:

W&W Aug - KL


W&W Aug - Selangor


W&W Aug - Penang


W&W Aug - Johor

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We hope you found this article useful. Stay tuned to our next update and stay safe. 

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