Is Driving Yourself More Convenient Than Taking the LRT?

Mangalesri Chandrasekaran25 Aug 2016


The recently commenced Sri Petaling LRT Line was expected to ease traffic congestion and offer citizens a better and more convenient way of travelling. However, things seem to be otherwise after its commencement as most people feel that it’s not worth the switch.

Recently, a resident of Puchong pointed out that travelling via car is more convenient and cost saving, even when she has to endure heavy traffic congestion.

The travelling time from Puchong to her office in Sunway takes roughly about 10 minutes during off-peak hours and 30 minutes during peak hours. It costs about RM150 per month (about 20 working days), which is less than RM10 per day for the fuel, toll and free parking at the office.

But it was a totally different story when she took the newly commenced LRT line. Her trip from Puchong LRT Station to Sunway via the Sunway BRT alone cost RM18 for both ways, park-and-ride charges of RM4, plus fuel charges back and forth from and to the LRT station. This cost about RM25 per day and RM500 per month (about 20 working days).

This also includes the hassle of changing trains at the interchange station and travelling in a crowded train, where the travelling time takes up to over an hour. In addition, this is the cheapest rate as the cashless option was used.

Besides this, the application of discount card for students and senior citizens pose hassles as well, as one has to travel all the way to Pasar Seni in order to do so. The process time takes about two weeks. More concession counters should be offered since not all will find it convenient to travel so far to KL, in this case, students and senior citizens.

The situation has frustrated citizens as most are still driving instead of using public transportation. Public transportations are meant to be cheaper compared to driving ourselves, yet it’s unacceptable that such transportations are overpriced up to this extent.

For now, the newly commenced LRT Line has failed to reduce the traffic congestion and encourage citizens to use the service.


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Jan 05, 2023
Public transport in malaysia is the worst if you are doing it to go work. Mentel torture as it is packed like sardine can during peak hours. Need to wait for next train if it packed. Useless. So better to drive yourself to work. If going for jalan2 (not going to work) to klcc/bukit bintang can take public transport. You can have all the time in the world. Weekday or weekend, peak hours or non peak hours. If you are on your vacation or holiday ita acceptable. But working 24/7/365 have to think twice. Better drive and pay season parking at trx exchange 106 MYR 320 per month.
Yathavan Chandrasegaran
Aug 26, 2016
This article is flawed. You do not understand that the public transport system is not built for everyone. It is built for 90% of people. The 10% will always have issues with it. But the 90% of people are better of taking the public transport as will save them time and money. Imagine travelling to KLCC at peak hours from the furthest station possible, Putra Heights. This trip will cost less than 5 ringgit one way and will take about 50 minutes. Taking a car on the other hand will take about 1 and a half hours and require you to be stuck in a jam unable to do anything but press the accelerator and the brakes on and on and on. The other benefit of the LRT is that you don't require to have to do anything to travel on it unlike a car where you have to drive. It is truly liberating for me and I am sure a whole lot of people that at least 2 hours of their time everyday isn't stolen from them for the need of driving and you can spend it doing what ever you want. I love seeing the diverse peopl
Aug 26, 2016
Public transport meant to help the people to save time, save cost as well to solve the problem of traffic congested. But if public transport become burden for the people, it totally defeat the purpose. So the government should consider about this. Public transport suppose just to sustain and not to profit.

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