Would you like your listings to appear higher on search results? Have a competitive edge? Get additional exposure

Starting July 2019, our improved Spotlight 2.0 can help you do all the above and more! If you’re new to Spotlight and are wondering what it’s all about, read more about it here.

So what’s new in Spotlight 2.0?
High Listing Rank on Search Results

This is one of the key upgrades that Spotlight 2.0 brings!

Your listing will now outrank all other regular listings in search results, giving it a higher listing position so that your listing can garner more views and an increase in engagement with property seekers!

Spotlighted listings will always rank above all regular listings

Auto-Renewal with Auto-Spotlight

With this handy function, your listing is indefinitely auto-renewed every 7 days.

This means your listing will always rank high, allowing you to retain your competitive edge by always outranking your competitors.

autospot jpg

Bonus: Addtional Exposure on Selected Pages

Based on property seekers’ search and on-site behaviour, relevant Spotlighted listings will get additional exposure outside the property seeker’s search results page! 

And unlike regular listings, your Spotlighted listings help build your personal brand by showcasing your profile picture. This in turn increases your visibility while also strengthening your position as a credible agent.

Available Units dummy

Example of a Spotlighted listing on the “Available Units” section on project details page

Check out our Help Article to find out more on where your listings will appear.

What’s more – Spotlight 2.0 is easily accessible with no upfront payment as activation only requires use of Ad Credits

Be Bold. Be Spotted. Be in the Spotlight now!



Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

Find out more about Spotlight or contact our Customer Service (custcare@propertyguru.com.my) to find out more.