IJM Land has proven once again to be one of the preeminent township and property developers in Malaysia, with IJM Rimbayu making headwinds as the standard bearers for what’s possible when a vision meets proper planning and creative flourishes. Having seen tremendous growth, IJM Rimbayu is now one of the most sought-after addresses in the southwest of the Klang Valley. This marks the 10th anniversary of this burgeoning township.

As a continuation of that narrative, the latest Avela homes are conceptualised as abodes for multigenerational families staying together under the same roof. Here, young adults and couples may live in the same home or even eventually on the same street as their parents (and grandparents), visiting each other as a part of a greater support system for years to come – as part of a mid-affluent and mature homeowner demographic that expresses gratitude for those who have paved the way for their success.  

Poignantly, it’s about feathering an aviary with loved ones that will often ‘flock’ together as part of a cohesive extended family. The word ‘Avela’ is inspired by the Avila bird species and alludes to genuine generosity and a deep-seated faith in humanity that purports to always look out for each other as part of that same extended family and community.

And this notion of multigenerational living has been proven to be received well. Boasting a gross development value (GDV) of RM572,000,000, the first Phase 17A comprises 164 units, while the next two Phases 17B and 17C will comprise 136 and 145 units, respectively. Promisingly, Phase 17A (GDV of RM206,000,000) at the centre of the development has already been allocated and snapped up on an invite-only selection day.

“Our aim here at Avela is to foster healthy ageing by cultivating a neighbourhood that cares,” said Mr. Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land. “In the same brushstroke, social isolation among the elderly along with degenerative diseases such as dementia can be warded off with efforts made to maintain their daily routines and to allow them to continuously engage with their family, neighbours, in-coming visitors, and the community at large.”

Mr Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land

Mr Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land

Familial Relationships

Avela is thus intentionally a low-density development with only 445 units within its gated and guarded enclave. There are two types of residences, namely 22’ x 70’ double-storey Link Homes (Type B), sized at 2,400 to 2,428 sq ft and priced from RM1,062,800, and the larger 30’ x 70’ double-storey Garden Homes (Type A), sized at 2,745 sq ft priced from RM1,436,800.

End and corner lots are slightly larger with all units already built-to-end and fully extended with a security door for peace of mind. A fully-tiled car porch also comfortably parks two luxury sedans, SUVs (or MPVs), and shelters residents from the elements as they alight from their vehicles.

The modern angular designs are intentional and create a perception of uncluttered spaces with four bedrooms that cater to bigger households and families. This is particularly evident with industrial touches such as metal and vent blocks as part of the front-facing white façade.

Unwind in style and comfort in the exquisite living room, the heart of relaxation at Avela.

Unwind in style and comfort in the exquisite living room, the heart of relaxation at Avela.

Also, the tilted triangular roof lines of the Garden Homes distinguish it from the low pitch and cantilever of the Linked Homes. The North-South facing orientation of the development also prevents the harsh afternoon sun rays from entering the premises. This coupled with the high ceiling height makes for a natural cooling sensation throughout the properties.

For both variants, metal deck roofing and coverings are used instead of roof tiles for a modern touch. In addition, the extra large kitchen can easily be converted into dry and wet kitchens according to different needs. And because there is ample space in the family hall, it’s easy to partition out a study or hobby room, a home gym with workout equipment, or even a work-from-home area. 

And if there are homeowner’s parents (or grandparents) with limited mobility living here, they can comfortably occupy the sizable elderly-friendly bedroom with ample space on the ground floor. There are also en-suite bathrooms for all four bedrooms and a separate powder room on the ground floor for added convenience and privacy as required.

Lastly, there are 8 ft gardens for the spacious Garden Homes and two master bedrooms on the first floor that are perfect for truly multigenerational families with grandparents and young as well as teenage children all under one roof.

Coveted Green Address

Avela’s grand entrance with a triangular gable and linear park is the first thing one notices. This is followed by the gorgeous Signature Pavilion and Pine Walk, which warrants a casual stroll to admire the carefully manicured designer landscape. This is further accentuated with more greenery at the Rain and Pocket Gardens throughout the development.

And given the scarcity of new landed and guarded projects, this auspiciously positions Avela as a low-density development focusing on harmonious living spaces. It’s also a plus that there are facilities installed that are only often only available to high-rise dwellers to fuse the concept of high-rise strata (or condominium) living with a facility deck to landed homes with individual titles.

Step into Avela's enchanting realm, where a triangular gable and serene park captivate. Explore the alluring Signature Pavilion and picturesque Pine Walk.

Step into Avela’s enchanting realm, where a triangular gable and serene park captivate. Explore the alluring Signature Pavilion and picturesque Pine Walk.

Where else can residents simultaneously find a meditative pavilion, outdoor gym, playground, and a 2 km jogging path just as easily accessible on foot as a sheltered basketball court (that doubles as a  multipurpose hall) And for those whose preferences are more extreme sporting pursuits, there’s even a skateboard and rollerblade park and a rock climbing wall where spectators, both young and old, can interact with and cheer on these aspiring athletes from the sidelines.

On the flip side, the Multigenerational Play Area will allow everyone to become participants, cultivating productive and healthy daily routines at Avela by reliving the exhilaration of their youth on multigen swings that are configured so that older adults and little preschoolers can use side-by-side.

Likewise, just a hop away is The Club @ IJM Rimbayu. There, residents can utilise an Olympic-sized swimming pool, badminton and squash courts, a fully-equipped gym, sauna, and karaoke room, among other first-class amenities that will complement what is not available at Avela. And as a token of appreciation, all home buyers at IJM Rimbayu will receive a year’s complimentary subscription fees for two persons upon vacant possession.

Delightful Decade

Over the last 10 years, the conceptualisation of the township from design to execution has been applauded by the community at large. Clearly, IJM Rimbayu has grown from strength-strength with its residents settling down into the various projects in the township.

From the guarded neighbourhood, the township communities can seamlessly access the four major entry and exit points of well-connected highways. They are Lebuhraya Shah Alam (KESAS), Lebuhraya Kemuning – Shah Alam, Expressway Lingkaran Tengah (ELITE), the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) and the West Coast Expressway (WCE), which will be completed in 2024.

IJM has also been applauded for not just the timely delivery of basic facilities and amenities but also for ensuring that residents do not have to travel for their necessities, shopping and entertainment fix with more commercial elements, including a massive 60,000 sq ft hypermarket in Rimbayu Business Hub to be unveiled in due course.

Schools such as Oasis International School, convenient shops, restaurants and cafes, malls and cinemas operating nearby are also a testament to the progress made at IJM Rimbayu. As the Township Builder, the edict to potential buyers has always been “buy the neighbourhood, not only the house”, but in the case of Avela it’s possible both are achievable with the recently sold-out Uptown and Uptown Square shop office contributing vibrancy and conveniences to all comers. 

“We have come a long way in the last 10 years,” added Chai. “It’s never been about merely building a house, but creating a connected, caring, multigenerational neighbourhood and a greater self-sustainable township. Avela is not just another jewel in the crown at IJM Rimbayu but as a reminder that family size, mobility, age, and encouraging social inclusion are factors that we have considered when adapting and building lifetime homes in this age-free haven.”

Through it all, it is the resources provided and values inculcated by the generation before that have enabled the current one to find their niche in life and to create a love nest for their own offspring. Being ahead of the curve at IJM Rimbayu, Avela is another cap in the feather for IJM celebrating a multigenerational neighbourhood that assimilates the residential needs of both the young, and of course, the young-at-heart for many more generations to come.

For more information, log on to www.rimbayu.com.