Country Garden Denies Accusations On Altering Sales And Purchase Agreements

28 Jun 2018

Describing itself as “a law abiding corporate citizen [that] respects and adheres to the laws in force”, Country Garden Danga Bay Sdn Bhd denied accusations that it amended the sale and purchase (S&P) agreements after the buyers of its Danga Bay project in Johor had signed the contracts, reported The Edge.

“In Malaysia, the S&P agreements are statutory agreements and no amendments are allowed. The entire process from the time of purchasers’ execution of the S&P agreement until the respective S&P agreement is stamped comes under the purview, control and supervision of legal practitioners, namely the S&P agreement lawyers,” explained the developer.

“It is the practice in Malaysia in that purchasers need not initial every page of the S&P agreement and need only to sign on the signature page in the presence of a legal practitioner,” it noted.

“The law firms responsible for the handling of S&P agreements must be duly licensed. In the event of any doubt, purchasers are welcomed to seek clarification from the respective law firm stated in their respective S&P agreement.”

Country Garden Danga Bay made the statement in response to the police report filed by 45 luxury condominium owners at its Danga Bay project.

The company revealed that it had gathered all departments “to carry out thorough investigation”. However, it declined to comment further, given that the investigation is ongoing.

Bernama reported that the 45 condominium owners who filed the police reports discovered that some pages without their signatures had been inserted in their S&P agreements.

Earlier in the year, Sinar Harian reported that some 50 buyers from China, Singapore and Malaysia lodged complaints with the Housing and Strata Management Tribunal in Johor Bahru, claiming that low quality workmanship and materials were used in their homes contrary to the details provided in the S&P agreement.

Country Garden Malaysia Regional President Jason Fu later committed that it will continue to work closely with their customers to resolve concerns, including those regarding workmanship and safety.

Image sourced from Country Garden Danga Bay

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