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In our previous article, and as reported in Yahoo! news, we celebrated our milestone of becoming Malaysia’s new No. 1 Property Website together with you. Today, we’re proud to continue serving you as the leading property platform with more than 12 million monthly average visits!  

Being the ‘Largest Property Website’ as certified by The Malaysia Book of Records with over 450,000 property listings (over 54,000 more listings than competition today), we remain as the top property website by traffic with >12M monthly average visits. (Source: Google Analytics Jan – Mar 2021) This is 2M+ more traffic on than 2nd place competition.  

What all this really means is that as the continuing market leader, we’re responsible to serve you better, and committed to delivering higher value for our agent partners. How? By continuing to deliver more leads (+80% vs last year), more value added services through data insights, and a more rewarding experience with Partner360

As we stay razor focused towards empowering our Agent Partners through PropertyGuru Partner360, we look forward to being a better partner for you as the No. 1 Property Website in Malaysia by continuously improving and refining our suite of solutions and privileges.  

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2,000,000+ More Traffic Than Nearest Competitor!  

Traffic to our website has almost tripled since 2019 with >12 million monthly average visits, recording a significant 257% YOY growth in Total Users on from October 2020 to March 2021. (Source: Google Analytics, Oct 2020 – Mar 2021 vs Oct 2019 – Mar 2020)      

Better yet, statistics from Google Analytics reported 155% YOY growth in Total Pageviews on during the same time period.  

Fantastic news for you as this means you can now look forward to even more leads, more views and higher closings

Enjoy 80% More Leads Than Last Year! 

With these strong indicators of being the preferred property site, we also saw an increase of 80% YOY growth for Total Number of Leads based on PropertyGuru internal data.  

This fuels our commitment to continue delivering greater value and opportunities to our Agent Partners, along with high quality leads to help you be the best you can be. 

Here’s an overview of our milestone achieved together with you. 


Malaysians Spend 39% More Time On Our Site  

Statistics from SimilarWeb showed continues to take the lead with Malaysians spending the most time on our site compared to any other property website in February 2021. (Average Time Spent On 00:04:38) 

This means that your potential clients are spending a lot more time viewing your listings on PropertyGuru than any other site.  

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With a plethora of property listings to match every budget, we aspire to continue serving you as the No. 1 and Most Preferred Property Platform for Malaysians.  


– PropertyGuru Team  

Novan Loo
Apr 01, 2021
difficult to find serious buyer ,more difficult to sale more than million property ,for now malaysia market ,this is first ,second if buyer already booking loan also difficult to approved,
Apr 01, 2021
Well I might consider using property guru if you would regularly clear listing which are no longer available. 8/10 of your listing in Subang Jaya after contacting the agent are not available!
Juliana Lim Abdullah
Apr 01, 2021
Hello Admin, Let me share my opinion to improve better on the advertisement monitoring page, it is better if the agent can see the position of each advertisement from the total advertisement by area. So that, agent can know better the right time to repost each advertisement. Thank you.