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In the upcoming articles, we’ll be sharing tips, insights and success stories from agent partners to empower you to become trusted advisors to property seekers.

Added Advantage as Trusted Advisors

Unlike playing Monopoly, buying, selling or renting a property requires huge commitment and careful planning. There are many factors to consider whether making your first home purchase or finding suitable tenants. This is where your role as a trusted advisor comes in, to advise and help your customers make the right choice.

With high competition within the real estate industry, building trust with your customer is what sets you apart. To help you become trusted advisors, here’s our commitment to you:

3 Key Traits of a Quality Agent

Putting yourself in the shoes of a property seeker, what would you expect from a trusted advisor?

Here are 3 key traits to help you stand out from competition:  

Quality Agent 3 traits


Useful Resources for Agent Partners:

Agent Partner Success Stories

We recently interviewed Kris from Dreamvest Realty to find out how she continues to successfully close deals despite the pandemic. In March this year, Kris started her career as a real estate agent in search of new opportunities.

Shortly after, the Malaysian government enforced Movement Control Order (MCO) nationwide on 18 March to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All agents including Kris were faced with a massive challenge – how to navigate property viewings and close deals despite the pandemic.

Undeterred, she quickly shifted from offline to online channels to continue engaging with her customers. During this time, Kris also spent much of her time learning new skills through webinars and training courses which focused on property trends and online marketing. 

Despite being new in the industry and faced with unexpected challenges, Kris’s proudest achievement is when she accomplished 13 closed deals in the month of May. Her advice to new agents is to give your best service to each customer and be willing to work hard, success will come to you.   

A special thank you to Kris for sharing her story!

Kris Lai 3 traits

Find out more about Kris here


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