In our previous article, How To Run A Successful Virtual Property Tour, we shared with you useful tips to conduct virtual tours as we progress into the ‘new normal’. The pandemic has left long-lasting effects on the property market, so let’s look at what changes COVID-19 has brought and how you can leverage on them 

Elevate Your Online Presence 

There’s no denying that we spend a huge amount of time online, but COVID-19 has accelerated digital activity to a whole new level. As we spend more time at home, we also spend more time online. And this behaviour is likely to continue, extending to property seekers too. In an earlier article, from March to May 2020, we witnessed a 76% growth in searches on PropertyGuru. As an agent, building your online presence has never been more than important than before. Join our complimentary training by Property Guru Academy to support you and bring greater online exposure to your business.  

Virtual Tours And Videos 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. Property seekers are looking for ways to view properties without leaving the safety and comforts of their homes. Check out How To Run A Successful Virtual Property Tour for tips to set up a virtual tour.  

Besides virtual tours, you can also draw attention to your listings by posting pre-recorded property and testimonial videos to build credibility for yourself.  

Be A Trusted Advisor To Your Clients  

We must never forget that our clients rely on us to keep abreast of the latest news, especially during this period. As property agents today, your capabilities have extended beyond sales to be more consultative. It has become even more important for you to keep your clients updated on market trends and government directives.  

Schedule time for virtual consultations with potential sellers or buyers even if they do not have the intention to sell or buy a property at the moment. Advise homeowners/sellers to take actionable steps, e.g. re-layout of furniture or refurbishment, to increase the value of their property for the time when they eventually decide to sell.

Online Tech Tools For Your Business 

As we enter into the ‘new normal’ with property seekers becoming more digitally engaged, it’s time to take your business online. If you haven’t, start setting up online tools and processes such as e-contracts signing and accepting online payments. Here are some applications that are useful to prepare digital documents and streamline your business process.  

  • Mortgage calculator: An online calculator that determines how much your clients can afford for their next property purchase  
  • PDF Reader: Most documents sent by developers are saved in PDF format, so information may be not easily editable. Thus, having a trusty PDF reader on your mobile phone is useful to sign documents on-to-go.  
  • DOC Scanner: This is a document scanner mobile application. Just take a photo of the document and save it as a JPEG or PDF file. You can also easily share these files with your clients via email or mobile chat applications.  

Entering The ‘New Normal’ With Safe Property Viewings  

Eventually, life will return to normalcy. International borders will open, quarantine restrictions will be lifted, face-to-face viewings and open houses will recover in full strength. As we look forward to this time to come, check out our guide on how you can start Entering The “New” Normal With Safe Property Viewings. 


Stay strong and let’s move forward together! We wish you all the best. See you on our next article!   

Agent partners, we are standing by you. Let’s take care of each other.    

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 – PropertyGuru Team   

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